New book: Identidades Ambivalentes: Sefardíes en la España Contemporanea

Maite Ojeda Mata. 2012. Identidades Ambivalentes. Sefardíes en la España Contemporánea. Madrid: Sefarad Editores.

Ambivalent Identities. Sephardim in Modern Spain is a pioneer in more ways than one. The author definitely defies the usual thesis so dear to the regime of Franco’s benevolence towards the Jews fleeing the Holocaust. To do that she rescues the experience of Sephardim in Spain between the nineteenth and twentieth century’s, mostly forgotten. But the book also presents by first time the experience of an Ottoman Sephardic community hitherto virtually unknown who had settled in the surroundings of San Antonio’s Market of Barcelona in the early twentieth century and that the author describes in detail. (In Spanish).

402 pages. ISBN 978-84-87765-32-2 (28€) To purchase, visit

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