New issue of Sephardic Horizons published

The new Fall issue of Sephardic Horizons (Vol. 2., number 4, Fall 2012) has just been published. You can read the full issue at

Table of contents:

  • Ariel Paggi and Judith Roumani, From Pitigliano to Tripoli via Livorno: The Educational Odyssey of Giannetto Paggi
  • Gabriele Bedarida, The Judeo-Livornese (Bagitto) Dialect
  • Growing up Jewish in Benghazi, Libya: Interview with Samuele Zarrugh, by Jacques Roumani
  • Andrée Aelion Brooks, Doña Gracia Nasi and her Significance for Jewish History

In Ladino/Judeo-Spanish:

  • Haim-Vidal  Sephiha, Un Diya de los diyas


  • Francesca Trivellato, The Familiarity of Strangers: The Sephardic Diaspora, Livorno, and Cross-Cultural Trade in the Early Modern Period. Newhaven. Yale University Press, 2009. Reviewed by Judith Roumani
  • Isaac Benatar, Rhodes and the Holocaust: The Story of the Jewish Community from the Mediterranean Island of Rhodes. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, 2010. Reviewed by Ralph Tarica
  • Sephardim in Italy: Two New Publications [reviews of books by or in honor of Aron De Leone Leoni] . Reviewed by Judith Roumani
  • Doña Gracia Nasi Mendes: A Short Video. Reviewed by Shoshana Segal
  • Robert  S. C. Gordon, The Holocaust in Italian Culture, 1944-2010. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2012. Reviewed by Jacques Roumani

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