CFP: Rabbi Ben-Zion Uzziel: Halakhist, Thinker, Leader

Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uzziel (1880-1953) served as rabbi of  Jaffa (and Tel Aviv) from 1912 to 1939, and subsequently as Rishon Le-Zion, Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Mandatory Palestine and (from 1948) of Israel. He was one of the most original and interesting rabbis of the 20th century, and wrote on many aspects of halakha and Jewish thought. In addition, he was active as a public leader, both on the local and the national levels.

Some aspects of his rich and diverse published legacy have attracted scholarly attention, but much more remains to be brought to light, researched and analyzed. With this in mind, we have decided (sixty years after his decease) to convene an academic conference devoted to the halakhic and ideational creativity of Rabbi Uzziel and to his wide ranging activities in the public sphere.

The conference will be held at Bar Ilan University from Sunday evening October 20th 2013 through Tuesday afternoon, October 22nd.

We invite proposals for presentation of original previously unpublished research on all aspects of rabbi Uzziel’s writings and public activities. One-page proposals, including title and brief explication should be sent no later than April 28th 2013 (Lag ba-Omer) to one of the following addresses:

Prof. Zvi Zohar             Prof. Elimelech Westreich         Prof. Amihai Radzyner

zvi.zohar[at]    westreic[at]      amihai.radzyner[at]

For more information, please download the call for papers.

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