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As a 100% volunteer effort, the success of this site depends on the collaboration of multiple parties at different levels of commitment and knowledge.

Contribute content:  If you have links, announcements, reviews, etc. to share, simply contact an Editor!  If you are unsure about whom to contact, or no Editor is yet assigned to a subsection, simply send material to one of the Administrators, Amalia Levi or Evelyn Dean-Olmsted.

Suggest a section or topic: If you have ideas of sections that this site should include, please contact an editor. Possible topics include genealogy, food and music, Facebook page, Twitter account etc. Note: The creation of a new section is subject to approval by the Caucus Leadership.

Become an Editor: Editors assume responsibility for the creation and/or maintenance of subsections of this site.  While some sections require more advanced technical knowledge, most do not. We provide basic training and help in the initial stage, but after that we expect editors to be fully independent.  If interested in one of the following editorships, please contact an Administrator:

1.  Directory of Researchers

2.   Communities

3.   Profession

4.  Social Bookmarking

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