We are creating a collection of pictures of Sephardim and Mizrahim through Historypin. Historypin allows us to pin these pictures on the map, describe them or comment on them. You can also upload audio and video. If you have a current picture of a place, you can superimpose an older photo of the same place over it. See the 90 seconds informative video on the Historypin homepage or read detailed instructions about exploring Historypin.

Visit the site, and see the Sephardi Mizrahi Studies Historypin collection. Browse the pictures, and click on the one you want to see. Hover over the picture with your mouse, and click on “See on the map” to see it pinned on the map.

You can also find our pictures under the tag “sephardimizrahicaucus.”

Here are some ways that you can contribute either as an individual or with your class:

1. Contribute content: Join Historypin and upload content. If you use our group’s tag (sephardimizrahicaucus) then people looking for such pictures will be able to pull all together.

2. Send content (pictures, audio, video) to our editor, Amalia Levi at amaliasl [at] gmail.com.

3. If you feel adventurous, visit the location specified, take a picture from the same angle, and send it to us. We can then combine these pictures together.

Note: If you are sending content, please make sure you can do so (i.e., that you have either the copyright or the permission of the pictures’ owner).

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