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AJS Sephardi-Mizrahi Caucus Zotero Group Library: Tips on Usage

The AJS Sephardi-Mizrahi Caucus has formed a Zotero Group with its own Library.

The Library is an easily-accessible and searchable bibliographic database of primary and secondary sources pertaining to Sephardi and Mizrahi topics, that we hope will form the basis of a collaborative bibliography created and maintained by the Caucus’ members.

You can benefit from the Zotero library in two ways:

1) You can join our Zotero group (see instructions below) and interact with the always-accessible online library (you can tailor it to your needs, download it in any style you like, add material, import it to your own library and so on), or

2) If you prefer not to join the group, then each month you will find an updated PDF document of the contents of the library in our site under Current Bibliography.

Several Caucus members have uploaded their personal libraries to serve as a preliminary basis for the bibliography, with the expectation that other Caucus members will contribute to expanding the bibliography. Below is a brief explanation of the function of the Zotero Group Bibliography, how to become a member of it, and how to use it. Further questions may be directed to the Group administrator, Devi Mays, at demays[at]indiana.edu

What are Zotero Group Libraries?

Zotero is a free research tool that helps users collect, organize, cite, and share research sources. Zotero Groups allow uses to collaborate on creating online bibliographies that are immediately available to all group members, regardless of geographical location. The AJS Sephardi-Mizrahi Caucus has used the Zotero Group function to create an online bibliography of secondary material on topics of interest to the Caucus members, to which Caucus members can contribute. We anticipate that this online bibliography will familiarize members with the large and diverse body of scholarship relevant to Sephardi-Mizrahi Caucus members; expose members to newly-published works in our field; and facilitate building bibliographies for personal research projects and class syllabi.

How to Get the Zotero Group Library

Zotero has two elements: the Zotero website and a Firefox add-on. The Group Library may be accessed on any browser without downloading the add-on component. Although anyone may view the Group Library, whether or not they have registered with Zotero and have become members of the Group, in order to modify the Library, it is necessary to register with Zotero and apply to be part of the group.

For all users who have not previously registered with Zotero, you may register at https://www.zotero.org/user/register/. To view the Sephardi-Mizrahi Studies Caucus library, one only needs to search for “Sephardi” or “Mizrahi” in Zotero Groups (accessed at http://www.zotero.org/groups/  or by clicking “Groups” under the Header on the Zotero homepage).We are currently the only Zotero Group with these words in our name.

The Zotero add-on functions in conjunction with the Firefox browser, which can be downloaded for free at http://www.mozilla.org/. The Zotero add-on, which can be downloaded at http://www.zotero.org/, allows the online version of the Group Library to sync directly with your computer, once you have become a member of the Group Library. The Zotero add-on will appear at the lower right-hand corner of the Firefox browser, and can be opened whether or not the user has internet access at that moment, allowing users to view the Caucus Bibliography at all times, and to export parts or the whole bibliography. Note: For Caucus members who already have the Zotero add-on, the Group Library will appear separate from your personal library, under the heading of “Group Libraries- AJS Sephardi Mizrahi Studies Caucus.”

How to Become a Member of the Sephardi-Mizrahi Caucus Group Library

There are two ways to become a member of the Caucus Group Library:

1. Once you have registered with Zotero and are logged in, and have searched for and clicked on the Sephardi-Mizrahi Caucus Group link, there will be a red button saying “Join Group” immediately under the Group’s name. Click on that, and Devi will approve your application.
2. Alternatively, if you do not want to go through this process or are unable to, email Devi Mays at demays@indiana.edu with your email address, and she will send a group invitation to you.

How to Add Material to the Caucus Group Library

There are multiple ways to add to the Caucus group library.
1.    For group members who have personal Zotero accounts with pertinent bibliographic references, one needs only to open Zotero on your Firefox browser and drag that item from your personal library to the icon for the Caucus Library. That item will then sync with the online version of the library and be available for all users. NOTE: When you do this, any notes you have taken on this item will also be copied and sync with the online version, so make sure to delete your notes from the Caucus Library unless you want all Group Library members to be able to read your notes.
2.    For users who want to enter material from Amazon, Worldcat, etc. Using the Firefox browser, having found the relevant publication online, click on the little blue book that will appear on the right end of the address field of the browser (the window where you enter the web page address). That publication will immediately be added to your personal Zotero account, and can then be added to the Caucus Group Library by following the above step.
3.    Finally, group members can add material from the Sephardi-Mizrahi Studies Group Library. Immediately under the Group Library’s title is a link to the “Group Library.” Click on that. There will be a round green button with a white plus-sign in the middle of the page above the library. Click on that, and then scroll down to select the type of material you’re adding (Book, book section, journal article, movie, thesis, etc). Then fill out the necessary bibliographic information (you need not fill out the entire form, only what would be necessary to cite this item) and click on the red “save” button at the bottom of the page. This item has now been added to the Group Library.

Whatever form you use to add material to the Group Library, it will be helpful for other users if you “tag” that item with keywords that will enable other group members to search by keyword to find any item tagged with those keywords. For those transferring items from a personal Zotero library, tags can be added by selecting that item in your library, then clicking on the “tags” tab, and clicking “add.” For those adding an item on the website, the “tag” option is part of the form on which one lists the bibliographic information.

Searching the Library

Material added to the Caucus Group Library can be sorted by title or by author (called “creator” in Zotero lingo), by clicking on the “title” or “creator” headings either in the add-on, or on the Zotero Group Caucus Library website. In addition, titles, authors, or key words can be entered in the search windows of either the add-on or the website. For example, if you’re interested in learning more about Sephardic Jews in Turkey, you can search for “Turkey.” All items containing “Turkey” in the title and all items that have been tagged with “Turkey” will come up.

Creating a Word Document or Printing the Bibliography with the Zotero Library
For those who want to take any references in the Caucus Group Library and enter them into a Word Document without retyping all of the citation information, it is fairly easy to export selections or the entire Group Library from the add-on. In order to do this, go to the add-on, click on the item you’d to copy (to select multiple items at once, hold down the “shift” key while you select”). Then right-click and select “Create Bibliography from Selected Items.” Then choose from a wide range of citation styles, and whether you’d like to print the bibliography in that citation style, save it as RTF or HTML. If you want to add your selections to a Word Document, click on “Copy to Clipboard.” Then paste it in the relevant Word Document.

Any further questions or queries regarding the AJS Sephardi Mizrahi Studies Caucus Zotero Group Library should be directed to Devi Mays at demays@indiana.edu.



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